Skin problems and acne scar, Before and after acne facial care treatment, Beauty concept.

“Never forget scars” is a phrase often used by my mentor, Dr Frank Shallenberger of Reno, Nevada.

Every element or cell in the human body produces substances that communicate and respond, consequently affecting organs and structures that are seemingly far from each other. The same also applies to the skin. 

In fact, when the integrity of the skin has been altered, or when its healing process is disturbed, it becomes a source of symptoms that are not merely cutaneous. 

The skin is an organ, and similar to any other structure, it has different functions in addition to connections with the central and peripheral nervous system. 

Scars and subcutaneous facias can produce pathological responses when there is an uneven cutaneous surface, which is not limited to the body area where the scar is located, such as a postural or trigeminal disorder.

We treat scars with small injections of lignocaine and ozone.