Hair Restoration + Skin Rejuvenation

Hair Restoration Treatment

Dr. Landman is trained in utilising the AQ Skin Solutions® Growth Factor Induced Therapy (GFIT) treatments for natural hair restoration and skin rejuvenation.

AQ Skin Solutions® is a patented growth factor technology that has been carefully formulated through medical research for a wide variety of anti-aging and healing benefits such as hair restoration, skin rejuvenation and wound healing.

Advanced Hair Complex+ targets thinning hair conditions, hardening of the scalp and weakening of the follicles. The natural, hormone-free, growth factor formula is safe for both men and women, and effective in all but one genetic condition. 

The serum is clinically administered in conjunction with micro-needling, and is designed to nourish the follicles, deliver nutrition to the scalp, and restore damaged follicles by promoting increased circulation. 

Where indicated, Dr. Landman combines this treatment with Ozone Therapy for added benefit.

The results? Improved hair quality, texture and growth cycles.

Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

The AQ Recovery serum is a pharmaceutical-grade product containing the highest available concentration of natural human growth factors. 

The Recovery Serum is designed to enhance the skin’s natural process of regeneration and repair by stimulating collagen production, promoting healthy circulation, and increasing cellular renewal.

The serum is clinically administered in conjunction with micro-needling, and can be used for:

Treatment Advantages

The AQ Skin Solutions, Hair Restoration & Skin Rejuvenation treatments have several advantages over PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatments, the main ones being:

🩸 No Bloodwork Needed

PRP treatments involve drawing off some blood and spinning it to isolate the fibroblasts and growth factors to apply to the skin. No blood is needed for the AQ Skin Solutions® GFIT treatments. 

⌛ 87.5% Less Time Needed

A PRP treatment can be up to 2 hours long, because it takes time to spin the blood, and it needs to be spun twice in order to effectively separate the PRP from the red blood cells. Whereas the AQ Skin Solutions® GFIT treatments can be as short as 15-20 minutes. 

👵🏽 Older? No Problem

When drawing blood from a 70-year-old to use for a PRP treatment, those fibroblasts and growth factors are not going to be as effective as those of a 20-year-old. The AQ Skin Solutions® GFIT treatments have the same effect of using a young healthy person’s growth factors and fibroblasts.

🎯 Incredibly Targeted 

Hair growth requires different kinds of growth factors than those needed to rejuvenate the skin on our faces. However, the growth factors one isolates during a PRP treatment could be any kind of growth factors, and therefore less effective than using the specific growth factors needed for your specific goals. The AQ Skin Solutions® GFIT treatments come in a range of serums, with each serum containing the right kinds of growth factors needed for the desired outcome. For example, the Advanced Hair Complex+ contains growth factors specifically for promoting hair growth.