Toxicity and Heave Metal Poisoning

Heavy metal poisoning is the accumulation of heavy metals, in toxic amounts, in the soft tissues of the body. We live in a very toxic world; we are constantly exposed to more chemical toxins than at any other time in human history.

The air we breathe is polluted with thousands of chemicals and heavy metals from industry and exhaust fumes.

The food we eat has been exposed to chemical fertilisers, pesticides, radiation, additives, improvers, preservatives, colourants etc.

The water we drink is either polluted or adulterated.

Cooking utensils, such as aluminium pots and Teflon coated pans and plastic microwave dishes, all add toxins to our food.

Household cleaners, laid carpets, paints, glues and solvents release many hidden pollutants.

Body products often contain harmful chemicals, which accumulate in the body.

Our work environment is filled with electromagnetic radiation from cellphones, computers and other electronic devices.

Our minds are polluted with negative thoughts and emotions, which have an impact on our health and those around us.

In addition to all this, some choose to smoke tobacco, inhaling many more chemicals.