Rife Resonator

A Rife Resonator is a frequency generator applying electromagnetic fields to the body.

Eliminate infections, detoxes, regenerates.

You’ve probably heard of Royal Raymond Rife, the man who invented an amazing microscope and is credited with the first real “solution” to the cancer problem.

Rife machines now abound but distributors face jail in the USA, because the establishment doesn’t want this technology around. The FDA has declared them fake and says they don’t work.

Well, I’ve got AMAZING news for you (and the FDA!): the Rife machine is alive and well and flourishing in orthodox medicine. Yes, you read that right.

Rife machines are everywhere, in universities and hospitals. Thing is, they are not CALLED Rife machines. The technology is called “irreversible electroporation”. Same thing: it means cells and microbes go “Boomp” when you zap them, and they die.

I’ve been researching this and found over 200 articles, many peer reviewed, in PubMed on this topic (search it and see!).