Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

What has not changed one iota, however, is my view that no one should be taking hormones that are not bio-identical to our natural hormones. Most of what conventional doctors call hormones are really synthetic drugs. These drugs are not bio-identical to our natural hormones, and while they have hormone-like actions they should never be prescribed as hormones. Chemicals which may look alike but are not identical are treated differently in the body and have actions which could be seriously detrimental to our health. The Progestins, for example, are not progesterone and are probably one of the major factors in the increase in breast cancer.

Oestradiol is a bio-identical oestrogen and used by conventional doctors, but it has a few problems related to its use. Firstly, it is often given orally, and secondly it is often prescribed together with a progestin. While the oral route is easy and seems like a good idea, nevertheless this route means that it must pass from the intestine and then go directly to the liver. The job of the liver is to detoxify any chemical passing through it, and it is for this reason that high doses must be given in order to get some of the hormone passing through into the blood. The breakdown products of oestrodial however are toxic to the body, unless very quickly removed. These toxic products only add to the body’s burden of toxins and again may account for the increasing incidence of breast cancer especially if progestins are given at the same time.