Treatment variants should be determined individually depending on the stage and form of cellulites, volume of affected surface, age, associated pathology, individual features of the organism (pain sensitivity etc.). The usual course of therapy includes a certain number of sessions (from 10 to 20) with frequency 1-3 times a week. Gas is introduced subcutaneously by means of special microneedles with length of 4 or 13 mm. Positive results of treatment are observed already after 3-5 sessions and well manifested, the patients start to notice lightness in the lower limbs and a decrease in pastosity and oedema. On the next stage it comes to reduction or complete disappearance of “orange peel”, a decrease in volumes of subcutaneous tissue. Through ozone therapy it comes to a fast-progressive decrease in fat layers, fatty tissue becomes more thick and compact. Good results can be also achieved in the formation of body contours (non-surgical modeling of figure – non-surgical liposuction): correction of double chin, face oval, forms of breast, thighs and buttocks.

Hair regrowth

Removal of Scars